Born in Istanbul, 1973
Lives and works in New York

Serkan Ozkaya is a conceptual artist whose work deals with topics of appropriation and reproduction, and typically operates outside of traditional art spaces.

Ozkaya’s latest works include We Will Wait, a recreation of Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés, that was installed at Duchamp’s studio in New York and operated as a camera obscura; An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in New York, which dissolved the walls of Postmasters Gallery by covering them with projections of what’s going on just beyond them; Mirage, which consisted of a shadow of a passenger airplane crossing the room every four minutes; One and Three Pasta (with George L. Legendre), where the duo created 3D computer models for ninety-two types of pasta after Legendre’s mathematical equations and David (inspired by Michelangelo), a gold-plated replica two-times the size of the original. Ozkaya is the author and editor of eleven publications, including PUBLIC ATTENDANT A to Z (Public, 2017) Double (Lars Muller, 2013), The Rise and Fall and Rise of David (21c Museum and Yapi Kredi, 2011), and Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance (artwithoutwalls, 2010).