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We Will Wait

O by Ozkaya


“Ozkaya loves tumbling into the rabbit holes his work can open up and pulling others along with him.” Randy Kennedy, NYTimes

“Growing up in Istanbul in the 1970s and 1980s, Ozkaya lacked immediate physical access to the canonical works of Western art; all he had were reproductions in books, which he then copied. This early experience with replication prompted an artistic and intellectual fascination with the valuation of art, the role of the artist as creator, and the process and meaning of reproduction.” Elizabeth Wolfson,

“If this is art, then El Greco is either turning over in his grave or laughing there.” Audrey Luk, Art Asia Pacific

“What [Ozkaya] does is a kind of re-negotiation with the wake of modern and contemporary art history as issued from the centers and he returns them so the joke is on the power.” Vasif Kortun, Itʼs not what it looks like! I can explain.

“[Ozkaya] is shown all over the world but it's evidently not gone to his head yet. His wit is keen but he's never overbearing, and he learns as much from his works as we do.” Ivy Cooper, St. Louis Beacon

“[Ozkaya] is a provocateur, a utopianist, a kind of merry prankster in the tradition of Duchamp and the Dadaists, shuttling between the hyperbolic, the deadpan and the serious.” Lilly Wei, Dear Sir or Madam